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General Discussion

Things I have that YOU might want!

The intention of this thread is for you to make a single post that you keep updated with items you feel guildies will want/need. Feel free to post quite literally anything that will be of some sort of value. Lets try to keep item rarity above unco...
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Datacron Locations

DAtacrons the locations. I confirmed Hutta #3 location yesterday.
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General Discussion

Reserving Character Names

If you have a character name that you think will be popular and possibly not available when the game opens for you, list it here so that whenever someone gets access, if they are able, they can reserve the name on the server.
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General Discussion

Helpful for anyone who didn't beta, and maybe a bit for those who did
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General Discussion


Physical security keys are now available for purchase. The free digital one says coming soon for Apple devices and 'select Android and Blackberry' devices. I'm going to hold out for that one, so hopefully it shows up soon...and works on my Android...
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General Discussion

Coversation system

This is how all the interations will gobwhahahahaha
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General Discussion

Funnies! legit...
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What profesions are people taking?

Once again, i wasnt in the beta, but the skill system looks realy cool! It seems like they want you to take one gathering, one crafting, and one questing skill. Which gatherings are connected to which crafting? Are all of the gathering skills requ...
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General Discussion

So...What's everyone playing?

I'm playing 2 characters at the same time:Name: ArioClass: Sith SorcererSpec: HealerName: XaxiaClass: Imperial AgentSpec: Healer
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Zoxea15334Small Ravenor 5y

Sith Sorcerer (Healing)

I'm interested to see how different my prediction build will be from my live build. So here is my prediction build:TorHead Build
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Zoxea6187Small Legion 6y

Kicking off this new thread

I would like to trade everyone in the guild for their sweet loot. Offering: Items of low worth and value. Want: Items of high worth and value. Please psst me if you are interested. PS: I have many grays for sale.
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Datacron Locations

Whats a datacron?

Wasn't in the beta so i have no idea what this is. The fact that it has its own forum heading leads to me belive they are important in some way...
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knowing very very little about the game, this is what seems good for lightning, seeing as how i picked all the talents that say lightning in them! that even close to right?
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Ravenor273Small Jacinta 6y
General Discussion

Serious Problem!

We have far too few sorcerers in the guild! I fear there may come a time when we dont have enough force lightning to go around!Seriously though, do we have far too many of one class? Or is diversity not that important in this game? Like how does g...
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